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D5 Tax Services helps individuals and small businesses to submit tax requirements accurately and on time.

Tax time can be stressful and complicated. It’s a lot of work to try to figure out a complicated tax return. If you are working in tax, there’s no doubt you have to stay current on the latest changes and updates that will impact your clients’ business.

At D5 Tax Services, our tax experts go through an extensive 90 day annual training course, and also attend yearly certified CE refresher courses to ensure they are up to date on the latest tax rules and regulations and that they can provide you with the best advice regarding current tax law changes and their potential impact to your taxes. Our tax professionals have been trained to handle many tax issues that might arise during and after tax season. Our office is open year-round to assist you. Schedule an appointment now!

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The IRS stated it will use a person's 2019 return to calculate eligibility and automatically send the money to those who qualify. If they haven't filed a 2019 return, it'll be based on the 2018 return. For Americans eligible for stimulus cash under the new relief law,...

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LIST OF INDIVIDUALS who won't get a stimulus check: •Children who are 17 or 18 years old. •Many college students between the ages of 19 to 23. •Adults who can be claimed as dependents. •Nonresident aliens (in other words, those without a green card). •Estates....

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